Spinal Mobiliser


What does the Mobiliser do?

The Mobiliser hardware is used in our clinic, it  causes repeated movement at the facet joints along the spine, and this reminds the spinal system to move, and to share the movement between all joints. A session lasts 15 minutes.

Whilst lying on The Mobiliser the spinal joints are slightly pulled apart and they are moved through a range of movement that is somewhat less than normal healthy movement ... but typically more than the user can currently create for themselves.

The movements are kept below the level of an adjustment  but are made hundreds and thousands of times with the intention of removing the compensations and creating natural movement. 

When should I use it?

If  you are just feeling stiff and sore after perhaps over exerting yourself playing sport or doing the gardening, come in and have a stand alone session.

If you are dealing with a long standing back problem and currently  having Chiropractic treatment at the clinic you can usually book a session on the Mobiliser before or after your treatment - generally if you are a very stiff person or are in a lot of pain book the session for after your treatment.  If you are fit, flexible or not in acute pain then before is probably best.  

For a chronic or serious back injury it is possible and beneficial to use the mobiliser up to twice a day.  (discount for block bookings).  

Another good use of the mobiliser is as a top up between chiropractic or massage treatments if you would just like to be loosened up.  

How does the Mobiliser System help?

First, let's look at the sheer brilliance of the spinal system: and also where it catches itself out as we get older.

When the spine experiences a small localised injury, the spine's first response appears to be to limit the movement of the stressed area, and to ask other areas to do more. This allows survival ... the spine must allow us to continue functioning at all times!!

In consequence the injury can appear to “heal” very quickly and the person may be completely unaware that instead of healing completely they compensated.

As years go on the spine's originally brilliant quick fix may not look so good. We live longer than our ancestors and we now want to be active well into our twilight years, still travelling, playing sport etc. 

Movement is absolutely essential to maintain a healthy spine, and it's considered to be a major factor in recovering from spinal injuries ... but if we've been using a significant compensation, or more likely multiple compensations, for years, some parts of the spine can have been locked out of the spine's movement system creating localised deterioration of the previously injured area, and excessive strain on the areas being asked to take over the injured parts' original role.  Even when an injury is recent there will be significant muscle spasm and restricted movement at the site of the injury. 

If you are an existing patient your first session on the mobiliser is free, subsequent sessions are £10 if booked and paid for at the same time as your Chiropractic treatment (though the session can be taken at another time).  Stand alone sessions are £15 for one session.  If you pay for 5 sessions up front they are £60, 10 sessions paid for in advance are £100.  If you require an intensive period of daily or twice daily use please ask for a quote.